5 Things I learned from the MNTS Seminar in the Czech Republic

One year with Marius

A symbolic day. Today it’s been exactly one year of mentorship with Marius. Besides that it was a difficult year due to covid, I’ve set one goal, and that was to invest everything I have for becoming a better strength coach.

I`ve met a lot of strength coaches around the world. But since our very first skype session I immediately felt a difference in working with Marius.

Marius taught me a lot. And I could evolve my business and training systems a lot over the last year. Bringing the “Peak Performance – Training in Czech Republic” and myself as the headcoach to another level.

Here are the Top 5 Points I’ve learned with Marius:

1. Developing a deeper understanding of how strength training and personal coaching works. Which helps me a lot reaching my goals in training and business.

-There isnt the ONE perfect way in Strength Training. Bute there are methods and techniques that are more or less effective in a given scenario. The point is to figure out which methods/techniques to use in which scenario. Then there’s Stuff only designed to look fancy and to sell a lot. I`ve decided to use effectiveness over fanciness.

2. Vertical integration

-I`ve learned a lot about how to pick the right exercise progression by using the vertical integration method. And also to put more emphasis on details such as tempo and variation. Little changes can change the game.

3. Advanced training methods and their timing

-As previously mentioned, there are lots of methods and stuff in the S&Cworld. Most of the time, there’s no good and bad, but it’s about the right timing. How to pick the right method at the exact right time is key.
Using methods like Doublé or Clusters, when its time to. Never heard of it? You should have.

4. Creating continuaa of different qualities

-This was a game changer for long time periodization. To be able to classify and rank different qualities one different continua, made planning, especially for athletes, much easier. (It means to know where your clients are and which direction on a continuum they should move. A continuum could be, for example, from strength to speed, from neural to metabolic or from isolated to integrated.)

5. Build and improve your team

-As the headcoach it’s my responsibility to build a strong and competent team. Only then I can offer a good product. Who else has more skills to do so than he does?

This is a guest post from Josef Zacek, headcoach of the Peak Performance Gym in the Czech Republic, visit him here: https://peaktraining.cz/

Stay strong...